Global Distribution System

Open your doors to the world's largest travel companies market and enter new markets, all through an easy and hassle free connection to your channel manager.

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Connect with Travel Agencies and Corporations worldwide

Sell Rooms Easily
Global achievement
Sell Rooms Easily
Full coverage
Sell Rooms Easily
Simple links
Sell Rooms Easily
Corporate bookings
Sell Rooms Easily
Detailed analysis
Reaching the global market.

Connections with many travel agents and management companies travel through the world's largest electronic booking system.

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Full coverage online.

You are connected to all GDS networks, never missing the opportunity to promote your property where it matters.

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Numerous links to RealBookers.

Easily empower your channel manager. Fees, inventory and other GDS information is managed through your channel manager, in the same way as your other channels.

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Grow the profitable corporate segment.

As a key entry point for travel agents and large companies looking to book travel, GDS is an important mix in larger property distribution channels. Improve your visibility to one of the most profitable business customer segments and see your revenue grow.

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Detailed analysis.

You'll have complete visibility of your revenue and transaction data through RealBookers Insights, to ensure this is another high-performance, effective distribution channel for you at all times.

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